Seeking Relevance: Part One

There was a quiet hum as she walked along a path towards the Central Park Zoo area and the little bursts of breeze turned into one solid push of air towards her. Ruth startled as she heard deep voice murmur profanity as his leather backpack fell and spilled out pages of an old dictionary. She looked up through the flying and floating pages as the man approached her, his green eyes flecked with fire within the glowing street lamps.

The mighty have fallen….. (Part Two)

The breeze slipped through the little wood and stone chalet Vera was supposed to be staying in with her husband, Corbin. He had talked her into this whole idea of taking an impromptu trip to the middle-of-nowhere in Germany and basically left her sitting there with no way to reach him or no way to get around. He had taken the hired car to go to where they were shooting a movie nearby. He said he knew someone on the crew and wanted to hang out while they did their thing on the set. Said it would be for fun. 

She knew what he said, but she knew what it really meant. He was looking into fucking someone else. 

The mighty have fallen…..

Evelyn stubbed out her cigarette and moved towards the hallway that they had been filming in for the past few hours. There was a difficult scene that the director was being very particular about that sat outside of one of the many ornate and massive bedrooms in the castle. Another giggle echoed out and bounced along the stone walls as Evelyn walked quietly over to peer around the open door. She almost dropped her matches as she realized it was exactly who she feared it was. 

Short Story: Out of the blue (in the green mountains)- Part One

Brianna spun around, startled when she heard the shop doorbell ring behind her. She had forgotten to lock the door after the pizza delivery driver dropped off her large pepperoni and cheese. She imagined she looked ridiculous as she just stood there with a long string of cheese trailing from the pizza to her mouth and squinting against the glare of the streetlights against the glass panes in the door. A man stood near the entrance with a slight smirk on his face.