Seeking Relevance: Part One

Ruth tried hard to maintain her smile as she waded through the crowds on the city sidewalks. The influx of bodies Manhattan had to cope with multiple times a year was frustrating if you had someplace specific to be, but she’s used to it after several years of living life at a blistering pace as an “okay” freelance photographer and wishful travel blogger. Most days are consumed by writing, reading, taking photos for stock photos that generate a pitiful amount of revenue and trying to remember to breathe. Today she decided to take a chance on a date.

She had abandoned her date at the subpar Korean barbeque he tried to take her to after he droned on for a half hour about why he preferred traditional roles when it came to relationships. Ruth had smiled, thanked him for his time and left money to cover the tab so far before heading for the door and towards Central Park. Time was money, and there was no use wasting hers in order to come across as polite by enduring an event she didn’t like.

Her circle wasn’t massive, but it was strong and a lot of people wanted in. Ruth had made a point to whittle her contact list down to people that were either relevant for her non-traditional career or people that brought her joy in her life. While she wasn’t “well-known”, there were always murmurs of Ruth’s still-untapped potential and where that might eventually lead her. She carried herself as if she was somebody, and her online following was beginning to help support that mindset. She knew how to create a life she wanted and worked at it every day. It was only a matter of time before that became a reality.

It would have been faster, in theory, to try to hail a cab than haul it in heels and a thick fur coat, but the night was perfectly chilled.  She crossed Central Park West and headed towards the West 77th Street Stone Arch. Inside the park in the late afternoon was the best time on a weekday because it was busy, but not so busy that she couldn’t enjoy it. There were plenty of runners rushing by, people that were cutting through the park after leaving their offices, and lovers cozied up on benches. It was the week after Thanksgiving and the madness of the holiday shopping season was in full effect. People were already in their upbeat, more festive moods and it made every walk home worth it.

Ruth lived in a spacious loft in Hell’s Kitchen for several years while she worked on refining her craft and trying to create a future for herself. It was one of her aunt’s many properties in the city and she earned her rent by overseeing the dozens of properties on the Upper East Side and Midtown. It didn’t take up a massive amount of time to make sure all of the tenants were happy with their spaces and paid up-to-date and it saved her aunt a considerable amount of money when Ruth talked her into updating to a payment application that tenants could download to their phones and updated a lot of other processes that were eating up payroll hours needlessly. Ruth did work hard when she needed to, and her aunt had more time and resources to live a travel-filled life that Ruth truly envied.

and so it begins

There was a quiet hum as she walked along a path towards the Central Park Zoo area and the little bursts of breeze turned into one solid push of air towards her. Ruth startled as she heard deep voice murmur profanity as his leather backpack fell and spilled out pages of an old dictionary. She looked up through the flying and floating pages as the man approached her, his green eyes flecked with fire within the glowing street lamps. His smile made her forget where she was for just one moment before she shook it off and tried to help him wrestle the pages from the wind.

And so it begins.


Bria is wearing:

Salt & Pepper: From the “To Russia, With Love” set (EPHIPHANY) 

R2. S&P FRWL dress diamond HG RARE
20. S&P FRWL gloves HG brown
23. S&P FRWL hat black
27. S&P FRWL choker HG VIP

Additional details:

Head: Lelutka Simone (Bento)
Pose: Custom
Shape: Custom
Body: Slink Hourglass






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