I’ll wait till New Years to tell you we’re through.

This Christmas the bells ring out of tune
It’s Christmas and you’re boring me
And I’ve loved you as much as I can
I need to feel this now, I know it exists
I’m only a human, you’ve been the perfect man
To hold me, a man to be kind
Now I can feel my heart beating out of time
Baby, you’ll be fine

Slow Club – It’s Christmas And You’re Boring Me


I'll wait till New Years to tell you we're through.png


Tooty Fruity – Uni Onesie
Refuge – Cosmo Lighting Gold Mutresse-Sneaky-Naughty Elf
O.M.E.N – Mischievous Kittens – Teacup – Gray
Mutresse-Wrecking Ball-Naughty Elf
Chez Moi- Cozy Christmas Tree w Songs
Mutresse-Seducer-Naughty Elf
22769 – Rustic Holiday Wreath – COMMON
[Commoner] Holiday Party Banner / Gold
BUENO-Unicorn Charger -Pink
22769 – Winterglass – COMMON


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