Suds, Wine, Cheese.

She carefully pulled her hair out of a messy bun and turned the old copper handles that fed a perfect blend of hot and cold water into the tub. It was a cool evening and the steam rose almost jovially from the churning waters as the last specks of sunlight danced off of the surfaces. It was Saturday and Marisa simply wanted to decompress in the way she knew best.

While the water rushed into the tub, she made her way down the hallway towards the kitchen and quickly assembled a cheese board with brie and whole wheat crackers, a bunch of cold grapes and a carafe of cabernet. Carefully balancing the board in her left hand, Marisa pulled her purse from a dining room chair and placed it on the counter. Within moments she emerged victorious with her power bank, USB wire, and smartphone.

She headed back to her modest bathroom and sat the cheese board carefully onto her simple side table and plugged her phone into the power bank before setting it down next to the carafe. This was no regular bath. She intended to stay as long as she could still periodically refill the tub with hot water. There was a lot to process from the day.

Marisa reached over and turned off the taps before she retreated to the corner of the bathroom to start peeling off her dress suit and unbuttoning her black crushed velvet bodysuit underneath. Taking in a heavy breath, she tossed the clothes into the nearby woven basket and shook out her hair.

Today, she had to help bury someone she once loved and witnessed how few people actually came to say goodbye. While they had their issues, he was the person she loved the most when she should have been running away. Even when karma eventually caught up with his destructive lifestyle she still supported him. And when the karma led to him taking his own life she supported the few people that even bothered to care that he was gone.

On the long drive home from Atlanta, she decided that once she sunk into a bath she was going to make a conscious decision to not only wash her body but also wash away any sense of obligation to linger in the past. She made a decision that she was going to forget about him. He had already gotten more years from her than she should have allowed, and at least she had taken their vow to love each other until death somewhat seriously.

The warmth enveloped her as she slid in with a weary smile. She could go to bed tonight knowing she was still whole; that she had stayed true to who she was when he only wanted to see her broken. When she would emerge from the bath, hours later, she would be renewed and free of the emotional shackles that held her back for so long.

He’d have understood her baptism of suds, wine, and cheese as a way to erase him from her past.

-by Abrianna Oceanside

Suds, Wine, Cheese.png

Decor Credits:

Trompe Loeil – Vintage Sink Brown
Soy. Cluttered magazines
-David Heather-Towel Set 2
MishMish – Bunny Stone Statues – Regular / Autumn
Trompe Loeil – Vintage Bathtub Ceramic Blue PG
Apple Fall Reading Pile
Trompe Loeil – Emerson Bench Natural PG
*AR* – Rug – Copenhagen
O.M.E.N – Dear John – Mirror & Brush
Trompe Loeil – Vintage Sink Brown Wood
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Nude
Apple Fall Neva’s Laundry Basket
:CP: Country Dreaming Toilet
Apple Fall Cotton Cluster
“Picadita Argentina” Wine & Cheeses Board
[ARIA] Emmanuel side table
12 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Towels Stand
llorisen // elia small frames shelf

RIOT / Date Night – Beauty Blender Clutter

Scene shot in the ROOST – York Vale house

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