Why are you so obsessed with me?

“Boy I want to know, lyin’ that you’re sexing me
When everybody knows, it’s clear that you’re upset with me
Ohh, finally found a girl that you couldn’t impress
Last man on the earth, still couldn’t get this
You’re delusional, you’re delusional
Boy you’re losing your mind
It’s confusing yo, you’re confused you know
Why you wasting your time?
Got you all fired up, with your Napoleon complex
Seein’ right through you like you’re bathin’ in Windex”
Why are you so obsessed with me.png
Abrianna is wearing:
.:cheeky:. – Havin – short Skirt! Palm (@ The Aloha Fair 2018)
Tooty Fruity – Heels – Zori (Darkness Event exclusive September 5th-26th)
{RC} Roxanne Beauty Ponytail Braids

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