New bones in your closet.

“Midnight grindin’
My heart rate’s climbin’
You go, I go
Cause we share pillows
Taste me, feed me
There’s still no separating
Morning massages
With new bones in your closet
I’ll be
I’ll be more than a lover
More than a woman
More than your lover”

Aaliyah – More Than A Woman

Pink Party


Skirt: 1313 Mockingbird Lane (*<*) Elvi Skirt (Exclusive gift for the current round of Go by Fameshed)


Boots: Blueberry – Cupcake Boots

Top: Blueberry – Tinker – Crop Tops – White

Helmet: [VALE KOER] Daft Punk Guy

Backdrop: FOXCITY. Pretty in Pastels – Common 3

Pose: Imitation- Bailey 1 M

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