Juneteenth Arts Contest! How to join.

Juneteenth (June 19th) is right around the corner! For the African-American community, this is a significant date that is often celebrated across the nation.

What is Juneteenth? It’s a historically significant event that dates back to June 19th, 1865. It signifies the day that the US saw emancipation of enslaved African-Americans throughout the formerly Confederate-ruled South and paved the way for it to become legally binding between 1868 and 1874. While the celebrations originated in these areas, it eventually became a nationwide celebration in the following decades.

Of course, this is the perfect chance to reflect on that historically significant event. I’m happy to announce that we are having an art contest as part of our Juneteenth celebration at the Virtual Black History Museum!

Juneteenth Contest

We are accepting entries for both photographic and written pieces that portray your perspective on Juneteenth and its importance in American history. There’s only a few rules around that:

  • Other mediums *may* be accepted upon request for review. Contact AbriannaOceanside Resident via NC with your submission proposal. Examples: sculptures, video, etc.
  • No pornographic material (sorry this even has to be said). Artistic nudity is okay. If you are NOT SURE, please send a NC to AbriannaOceanside Resident prior to submitting. Do not wait until the submission is rejected.
  • The pieces should be in theme. Written pieces will be converted to an image for displaying at the museum unless you submit it as such. There is a 500 word limit on written pieces. 
  • All pieces can be sent to AbriannaOceanside in-world in a NC or via email (virtualblackhistorymuseum@gmail.com). PLEASE ensure you include your SYSTEM name, display/preferred name, a link to your Flickr and the title of your piece. Incomplete submissions may be rejected. 
  • All entries are due by June 12th at noon SLT. The winners will be selected by a panel of judges and announced on June 19th.

Any questions? Send AbriannaOceanside a NC in-world! Make sure to join our Flickr group HERE.

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