Virtual Humanity

Sometimes it’s hard to remember why you try; why you trust, and why you love. I find it incredibly hard to empower anyone to hold a place in my heart, because it’s also the key to my destruction. It’s not something I give easily, or freely.

This place sometimes loses touch with the humanity. We’re all souls parading around as pixelated versions of everything we enjoy. It’s easy to block, to dismiss, to ignore. It’s easy to hurt and not think of the consequences.

I try to hold onto the mindset that, while this is a game in all technicality, it’s important to never lose touch with the core of what makes this place what it is: the people.

It’s not just Second Life; it’s a byproduct of the digital oversaturation that we’re in the midst of today. It’s far easier to lash out at someone whose face you cannot see react to the words you say. It’s easy to join in on poking fun at something or someone. It’s easy to ignore.

I’m no angel when it comes to this, but lately I’ve just been thinking about how people treat each other. I know there are times where I can be having a tough go at life and it spills over to my interactions. I’m human. I’m aware. I’m honest about it. But I had an experience in Second Life this week where someone was just flat out cruel to me after knowing me for such a long time, and it sort of amplified from there.

The online world we have empowers us for so much good, but also gives us a wider reach of people to impact. Some people just do not equip this ability responsibly. This week was a good example of how it happens. Some might say “it’s just a game, just ignore them, just block them”. But that is where the problem lies….because this “game” is anything but and sometimes you just meet people you connect with at the core.

I have no direction with this. But I do know that I have learned a very valuable lesson today. Sometimes it’s better to hold onto a bit of my guarded ways. Just a bit. And sometimes it’s best to really listen to your gut and your heart when it comes to the people you have around you- and this really isn’t anything restricted to online interactions. I don’t want to walk through this world as a cynic, but I can’t proceed with a dangerous naivety either.


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